Mini Self Defence Spray - £7.99

Red Alert Self Defence Spray is the 100% legal alternative to pepper spray. 

It does not contain any harmful chemicals and is non toxic. 

Press to release and spray a red gel onto the attacker's face, giving you vital seconds to escape and call the police.

The spray will dye the assailant's face and clothing for several days. It also contains a UV marker to help identify even when washed off. 


Completely Legal In The UK - Police Approved


The 100% legal alternative to pepper spray - Police approved.

Sprays up to a distance of 4 metres

The smallest and most discrete self defence spray you can buy. 

Dimensions: (85mm x 34mm)

Contents: 40ml

Contains A UV Marker For Identification And A Foul Odour To Deter


  The UV marker will help police to identify the criminals even when the red dye has washed off.  The foul odour will cause further discomfort to any attacker.

Perfect for carrying in your pocket, handbag and car.


Squeeze Personal Alarm With LED Light - £5.99

Many conventional personal alarms are difficult to use in a panic situation. This Panic Alarm features a fast and simple squeeze operation that allows you to quickly activate the alarm at the same time as you grab the unit.  

Perfect for: Students, Joggers, Delivery Workers, The Elderly And Infirm (Easy Activation)  

Small and Lightweight  

Battery Included

Size (75mm x 40mm x 15mm) 



Incorporates LED Torch


The incorporated LED Light is very bright and powerful and can also help to scare off any attacker and  provide the means to illuminate your escape route in the dark. 

Small and Lightweight - Comes in Red, Blue, Black or Pink Colours


Easy To Use - Even For The Eldery And Infirm

120dB siren  - Battery Included

Personal Attack Alarm - £6.99

Voted the best Personal Alarm available (BBC TV). 

This alarm has maximum decibel output and incorporates the following:

Pull pin activation

Separate panic button

143 decibel siren

Belt clip

Window/door mounting bracket

Battery included

5 year warranty

Size (60mm x 70mm x 20mm)